Customised ballistic protection


Ballistic body armor could only be worn as an undergarment vest or in plain sight as a tactical vest. The X-PRO SHELL is changing

that all!

Finally a ballistic body armor can easily and comfortably be worn as an outer garment, but will remain completely hidden. The modular jacket system of the

X-PRO SHELL consists of:

- Inner vest

- Softshell vest/ jacket

- raincover parka








Inner vest:

65% Polyester,

35% cotton

Softshell jacket:

100% Polyester , Fleece inside, Membrane Polyurethane

Rain Parka:

100% Polyesther with PU-coating


Ballistic data / Softarmor:

VPAM 2 with contact shot

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The X-TIVE 700 is probably the world´s lightest and most comfortable ballistic shirt!


We developed the extremely light and very comfortable shirt, especially geared towards the use for VIPs and deep covert operations and designed it to meet real threats.

A breathable and ultralight shirt made of active functional material holds the package in place. This ensures great comfort. The user is able to easily wear this protective shirt all day long for extended periods of time and even when doing sports or recreational activities.

All in all a highly capable, revolutionary product that is unparalleled!






The T-Shirt is offered with 2 different ballistic packages:


X-TIVE 700 with ballistic package

HAMBURG: VPAM 2 without contact shot, but wide caliber spectrum


X-TIVE 800 with ballistic package

Dortmund: VPAM 2 incl. contact shot, incl. stab protection VPAM KDWI D1


Total weight:

X-TIVE 700 686g (size M)

X-TIVE 800 790g (size M)


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SAFE plus

Our SAFE plus vest is unique already because of the pattern and up to date the optimum in undergarment vests. The new design combines the two most important categories:


Covert carry and high level protection.

The ballistic package consists of one piece and closes overlapping on one side only. Excellent ballistic data of class SK L speak for themselves. It provides protection against all common handguns and sets new standards in relation to weights and convenience.



Typically ballistic vests do not protect towards the edges of the package. That can leave big unprotected areas up to 7cm from all corners and edges. Especially on the sides where the two packages meet huge ballistic gaps arise.





When being shot at, most people try to turn to present a small target and that normally turns the open area towards the shooter. We closed this gap now ! With the SAFE Plus we have found a way to increase the protection up to almost 360°!


Description of the material:

All around functional fabric for comfort in every season and every application.

Comfort stretch with excellent lasting recoil due to Lycra® T-400.


Water repellent, breathable and hard wearing.

Washable at 60°C

Protection Level: VPAM 2

Weight: 1239g (in M)


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The undergarment vest X-TECH 300/ 350 is an extremly 

comfortable, high performance vest, available in two different configurations.


The X-TEC 300/350 can be delivered with either the ballistic panel HAMBURG or DORTMUND.

HAMBURG promises very light weight while protecting against a wide range of calibers, the panel DORTMUND stands for high flexibility with integrated stab protection. You decide, which version suits you best.






Finejersey® Single Jersey - elastic

antibacterial hydrophil, cooling, breathing-active

Ökotex CerIficate

colors: white or black

Laundry: 60°C



Size L with 0,35 qm protective area:

HAMBURG: 1.200 g

DORTMUND: 1600 g


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Ballistic packages

BERLIN Comfort III Plus


The ballistic package BERLIN Comfort III plus really combines all relevant protection in one system. The ballistic package BERLIN Comfort III plus combines all criteria of protection in modern times.

This combined protective package protects not only against conventional 9mm ammunition

and knife blades! It was successfully tested with countless of different calibers and with

various cutting, stab and impact weapons. Even a shrapnel shot according to STANAG 2920

was tested with success.

So we are proud to offer a protective product which provides far more than standard
SK 1 protection ! It offers a far reaching protection against handguns
(according to TR03/2008 plus dozens of references ), stab protection which counters highest energies and weapons (certified according to VPAM K2/D2), including a high level impact protection by default acc. to VPAM W4 (65 Joule).

An Upgrade to reach W5 (100 Joule) can be arranged by adding a flexible inserts.

Material: Aramid and titanium

Not least because of the weight of approx. 11 kg/sqm and a thickness of

less than 12 mm this protecting system finds use in our X-CARRIER as well

in the vests IMPACT / plus.

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Test results:



9mm Luger

9mm Luger

9mm Luger

.357 Magnum

.44 Magnum

.45 ACP

7,62 Tokarev

9mm Makarov




QD-PEP II/s, FMJ/SC DAG,Action 4

QD-PEP II/s, FMJ/SC DAG,Action 4






FMJ st. core

dist. in m










trauma in mm


9 (contact shot)


20 (edge Hit)






Stab protection VPAM K2 (blade, 40 Joule) penetration <2mm

Stab protection VPAM D2 (spike, 40 Joule) penetration < 18mm

Impact protection VPAM W4 (cube, 65 Joule) trauma <16mm



The ballistic package HAMBURG shines with minimal surface weight and highest ballistic characteristics. This package, certified according to VPAM 2 respectively TR03/2008, stands for impressive, extensive references. It was designed for comfort and covert wearing. The protective structure was tested again and again according to real threat scenarios.

Meanwhile we have generated references with standard firearms and commercial ammunition which are unparalleled. We can provide a wide range of data, such as 10mm Auto or .40 S&W ! Even .44 Mag and 7,62 Tokarev have successfully been stopped.

Material: 100% aramid

Because of the low surface weight of 30,5 gr /sqm and a thickness of

less than 3,5mm this ballistic packages finds use in our brand-new vests,

the X-TIVE 700 and SAFE plus as well as the X-TECH 350 vest.

Test results:



9mm Luger Hornady Critical Duty

9mm Luger Action 5

7,62 Tokarev S&B

.40 S&W Speer Gold Dot 155gr

10mm Auto CCI Blazer 200gr

.357 Mag S&B 158gr

.44Mag Remington SP 240gr

Distance in m









Trauma in mm









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The ballistic package DORTMUND is very flexible, and integrates a light stab- and shrapnel protection. Tested according to VPAM 2 DORTMUND is a pure Aramid package that offers high flexibility and therefore great comfort. The package DORTMUND has a tested contact shot capability and shines with integrated stab protection tested against spikes. It protects against shrapnels up to 550m/s according to STANAG 2920 as well.


Weight: 3,3 kg/qm

Thickness: 5,2 mm

pure webbing, symmetrical

VPAM 2 inkl. contact shot

STANAG 2920 v50 17 grain FSP > 550 m/s

Stab protecGon NIJ Spike 25 Nm


Additonal reference shots (including 7,62x25 Tokarev) 

Depending of intended use, this package is an alternative to our package HAMBURG. You decide, whether you need the additional spike and shrapnell protection. Because of that, the package is approx. 1,7mm thicker but more flexible. The trauma when being hit with heavy revolver caliber is slightly higher.

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