Safety standards

  • DIN EN 1627 Break-in resistance / break-out resistance 
  • DIN EN 356 Glazing pass through-resistance / break-through resistance 
  • DIN EN 1522 Fire arm resistance, list of weapon and ammunition (click to open
  • DIN EN 1063 Glazing fire arm resistance test method (click to open
  • DIN EN 13123-1 Inhibition of explosive effect    shock tube 
  • DIN EN 13123-2 Inhibition of explosive effect    outdoor testing 
  • DIN EN 13541 Special glazing Inhibition of explosive effect 
  • GSA Inhibition of explosive effect testing according to
    US General Services Administration (GSA) Standard 
  • ISO 16933 Inhibition of explosive effect 
  • DIN 4102 Fire protection 

Burglar resistance according to DIN EN 1627

  • single-winged doors and fixed windows up to RC 6
  • automatic sliding doors up to RC 6
  • single- and two-winged doors, windows and facads up to RC 5
  • outbreak resisting doors and windows up to RC 4
  • Aachener-/ tubular frame doors for prisons up to RC 4
  • folding gates, sliding gates and hinged gates mechanic or automatic up to RC 4
    heavy sliding gates with impact protection
  • guardhouses up to RC 6

Bullet resistance according to DIN EN 1522/ 1523

  • windows, doors, facads, gates and metall walls up to FB7-NS
  • automatic sliding doors up to FB 7-NS
  • counter with transfer trays up to FB 7-NS
  • visa counter up to FB4-NS+WK4/RC4 (for embassies and banks)

Blast resistance up to EPR 3, EXR 3, GSA, Stanag 2280- C5 and contact load

  • windows
  • doors
  • facads
  • portable walls
  • guardhouses

Entry areas


entire entry areas with guardhouse, security personal entry and vehicle control
indifferent specifactions and security requirements


  • up to FB 7-NS, RC 6, EXR 3, GSA,
  • contact load up to 4 kg, C5 according to Stanag 2280

 transportable guard house