Security for prisons

We secure the various sensitive areas of a penal institution:


Gate guards / head office with interlock systems for motor vehicles and persons – the gate guard and the interlock system of a prison mark the transit from Outside to Inside. Every visitor and employee is received and checked at this point. Vehicles driving in also undergo thorough inspection. In this part of the gate guard all security technology is being supervised and the different systems are brought together. All the more important is the absolute protection of the gate guard and the interlock systems from an attack from the outside, as well as from the inside.


· Gate guard / Head office with motor vehicle/persons interlock system 

· Visiting areas with separating panels 

· Windows for holding cells 

· Window bars made from high-manganese steel 

· Doors for holding cells 

· Outer and access door 

· Windows and doors for BGH – rooms (special secured prison cell) 

· Gates for motor vehicle interlock systems 

· Transfer trays with intercom system

Prison control room