High level security training



We are a leading provider in tactical training for law enforcement, military and private security personnel in Europe and abroad. We offer to our customers a new standard and level of Extreme Close Quarters Combat training in distances ranging from 0 to 5 metres, where over 90 percent of all harmful attacks and confrontations occur. As the first provider in Europe we have made the extreme close range distances to our area of expertise and have developed this as our core training doctrine successfully.


The concept "zero 2 five"


The concept "zero 2 five" covers all aspects of armed and unarmed  confrontations and attacks with blades, firearms or impact tools. It includes beside the use of „empty hands“ all common tools and weapons - like handcuffs, tactical batons, knifes and firearms (rifles, submachine guns and pistols) or weapons of opportunities, OC, flashlights and Taser. The focus is on ranges between 0 to 5 meters. The spontaneous and situational use of different weapons without changing the system, is the key issue and makes the concepts of "zero 2 five" extremely effective and useful under real stress situations.


The whole concept is no martial arts or sport. It is a professional tool to teach effective combative skills in a very short period of time to a very high level.


We are more than pleased to give you detailed information about the training courses and seminars. Please be aware that this courses are designed for the police and military forces and selected, licensed and approved private companies.

For more information about our security training, schedule and condition of participation please contact us.