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since 1985

pioneering achievement

Our success began with our founding in 1984, when we offered the very first armored limousine with security driver and armed personal protection to exposed HNWI individuals as well as political and business leaders throughout Europe.


In the meantime we thank for the confidence of several dozens top VIP's by our deployments at private or most important political and economic events in Europe.



  • Reagan / Gorbatchev meeting - Geneva (1985)
  • disarmament negotiations - Geneva
  • Sustainable disarmament meetings - Switzerland
  • G8/G20 summits - Europe
  • Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum - Klosters
  • United Nations - Geneva
  • WHO
  • GATT
  • OPEC Conference - Geneva and Vienna
  • deployments for KFOR/IFOR - Sarajevo
  • World Economic Forum (WEF) 1985 - 2023 - Davos
  • World Economic Forum (WEF) 2002 - 2023 - Geneva
  • International Motor Show - Geneva
  • Familiy office long-term commitment - Zurich
  • many more


We rely on a cumulative security experience of many hundreds of years - thanks to our team and our international network troughout Europe. The core competences of our experts lie in the areas of family- and asset protection, travel assistance and organisation, as well as top-notch transportation logistics.  


As a leading provider of multi-disciplinary security services, cross-border assignments are no problem. 


For any request we prefer a personal meeting to address your needs and to define our assistance.

We look forward to hearing from you.